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Building Surveys

Buying a home or even commercial premises for one's business, is probably the largest and most important purchase most people make in their lives. It is therefore crucial to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. The same principal also applies when selling property, to achieve the best possible price for the property being sold.

At Heathgate Property Services we have extensive experience of surveying a wide variety of properties in locations throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and London:

  • Residential Building Surveys - house surveys, home surveys and all residential property surveys.
  • Commercial Building Surveys - office, retail, warehouse and all business premises surveys.

Types of Survey

We offer three types of property survey which will highlight any serious problems and advise you of the specific risks involved, before you commit to the process of buying or selling a property.

  • The RICS Condition Report
    • For conventional houses, bungalows and flats.
    • Built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.
  • The RICS HomeBuyer Report
    • Includes the features of the RICS Condition Report plus;
    • A more extensive inspection of the property to identify problems that may affect it's value.
    • The surveyor's professional opinion on the 'market value' of the property.
    • An insurance reinstatement figure for the property.
    • Issues that need to be investigated to prevent serious damage or dangerous conditions.
    • Legal issues needing to be addressed before completing conveyancing.
    • Advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.
    • Information on location, local environment and the recorded energy efficiency.
  • The Building Survey
    • Formerly known as the Full Structural Survey.
    • For larger, older or run-down properties.
    • For unusual or altered buildings.
    • If you are planning major building works to the property.
    • Formerly known as the Full Structural Survey, includes features of the RICS HomeBuyer Report plus;
    • A more thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues.
    • A description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws.
    • Repair options and the likely consequences of doing nothing.
    • Advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions.
    • The Building Survey does not include a property valuation.

In addition to these surveys and reports we may be able to help you with any particular requirements you may have. Please contact us for more information or a no obligation quotation.

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